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Stephen Coan of Stephen Coan Garden Design is an independent Garden Design Consultant Specialist and an award-winning Landscape & Garden Designer, Horticulturist, Plantsman, Craftsman, and Artist. He exclusively designs, consults, and installs bespoke horticulturally significant nature inspired fine gardens & designed landscapes that are timeless, memorable, and meaningful for the discerning Client using his extensive experience of native and beneficial plants creating unique & novel plant communities. 

Stephen helps discerning clients who are frustrated with trying to find horticulturally knowledgeable design professionals that create significant, beautiful, and sustainable pollinator attracting and supporting gardens.  Their properties are transformed from high maintenance, time consuming, and costly lawn environments into beautiful multi-layered, sustainable, and low-maintenance butterfly attracting habitat gardens bespokely created for each client’s unique gardens and landscapes. 

The plant-driven, nature inspired gardens that he creates, many of which include new patios and walkways, are not only beautiful, lush, have meaning, multi-layered, and have many seasons of overlapping flowering blooms throughout the entire growing season, they also have structural interest all through the winter landscape that can capture the sun glinting off the droplets of ice that form on the remaining dormant, quiet, and stark frozen plant materials that are providing a home and food sources for the overwintering butterflies, birds, and pollinators.  

He has repeatedly found that when a garden is done right using the designed novel plant communities that he creates, they naturally bring in butterflies, birds, and pollinators almost immediately upon the delivery and installation of the plants. He can sometimes even tailor gardens to attract specific butterflies.  

Many of his gardens and landscapes are based upon or use solar and celestial events and the passage of time making use of the fourth dimension in conjunction with, and the reinterpretation of, the new movements in garden design - naturalistic, and ecological plantings. The gardens are environmentally friendly using sustainable green practices with a combination of designed architectural features and the use of native and beneficial ornamental plant species that are site appropriate for the soil, lighting, and environmental conditions. 

One client, Susan B. writes: "Stephen designed an absolute oasis for me. He has impeccable taste and extensive knowledge of plants and local wildlife. My goal was to create a backyard haven for people, birds, bees and butterflies. I got all of that and so much more.  I now have a room outdoors in which to spend my most valuable time!"

They are ecologically guided and environmentally friendly using sustainable green practices, rain gardens, and water drainage management with a combination of designed hardscapes and the use of native and ornamental plant species that are site appropriate for the soil, lighting, and environmental conditions, and are not considered to be invasive plants or harmful to the environment or local ecosystem.   

His gardens are in the realm between and uniting Naturalistic Plantings, The New Perennial Movement, The New American Garden Design, and Ecological Planting Design, with an emphasis on creating beautiful habitat gardens that attract and support butterflies, birds, and other pollinators with an eye on minimal maintenance. 

Gail C. writes:  "He was the first person I talked to who was willing to even let me be part of it--all the others said they would prefer to plan it themselves. His knowledge of plants is immense."


He is certified by Longwood Gardens in both Landscape Design and a Level 3 Certification in Ornamental Horticulture studying over 2,000 plants and one of only two or three others to hold this Certification. He is also a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art (PCA) with a BFA.

He has taught at the University of the Arts, been a guest lecturer at the Moore College of Art and a number of other colleges and schools, and has been the mentor to numerous college students from around the country through college student intern programs.  He has been on the Academic Advisory Board for the Photography Department of the Philadelphia Art Institute for many years and had contributed to the development of their four-year BFA program in photography. 

He has lectured for a number of organizations, The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), The Native Plant Socient of New Jersey, The Tri-County Sustainability Alliance, Audubon Sustainable Green Team & Oaklyn Green Team.

APLD - (Association of Professional Landscape Designers) Former Professional Member & Former President of the international Virtual Chapter
NWF - National Wildlife Federation - Community Habitat Team Leader

Stephen provides garden and landscape consulting, landscape design, Master Plans, garden design, planting design, land art, sculpture, plant lists, native pollinator management, project installation consulting services, planting installation, rainwater management, and garden coaching for residential, commercial, institutional, and public gardens.  Meadows, rain gardens, butterfly gardens, pollinator gardens, water features, custom stone, wood and metal work, benches, arbors, land sculptures, land forming, lighting, and wildlife habitat garden projects.


The best gardens are done together with input from the client.


Stephen creates beautiful environmentally friendly and sustainable landscapes and gardens. 


"I work closely with my clients to create an outdoor experience that they will enjoy throughout the years."

Richard A. writes: "Stephen's design is a knockout in every season, with flash in the summertime and a stark beauty in the winter."

  • Landscape Design & Consulting
  • Master Plans, Landscape Plans, Garden Plans, Planting Plans
  • Hardscape Design - Patios, Walkways, Porches, Decks, Arbors, Pergolas, Gazebos, Sheds...
  • Garden, Landscape, and Outdoor Living Design, Consulting, and Plant Installation
  • Private Green & Environmentally Friendly Garden Instruction, Consulting, and Lecturing
  • Certified Wildlife Habitat Gardens & Pollinator Gardens
  • Organic, Green, and Sustainable Landscape Practices.
  • Butterfly, Pollinator, and Bird Attracting Gardens
  • Ponds and Water Features
  • Water Drainage Management
  • Rain Gardens
  • Contemplation Gardens
  • Planter Design
  • Land Art
  • Labyrinths
  • Custom Designs for Land Forming/Land Art, Stone, Wood, and Metal Works - Fences - Arbor - Sheds - Benches - Mobiles - Sculptures - Etc.
  • Large Network of Artists to work with for needed Art Pieces, Sculpture, Paintings, Mosaics, etc.
  • Project Installation Consulting
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Landscape Lighting Design

Design Projects include:

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
  • The Montessori Academy, Delran, NJ
  • The Perkins Center of the Arts
  • The Town of Collingswood, NJ
  • DIY Network Home Remodeling Program
  • Various Private Residences in NJ, PA, and DE.

By Appointment Only.

Stephen Coan
Stephen Coan Garden Design

Nature Inspired Gardens & Landscapes
Garden & Landscape Design, Consulting, & Installation
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Stephen Coan is the Owner and Caretaker of Ferret Hollow Gardens, a Certified Wildlife Habitat Garden and a Certified Pollinator Habitat Garden.