May 16th, 2012

Ferret Hollow Gardens Spring 2012 Garden Tour

Hi all.  It's that time of the year again.  The birds are chirpin. The fish, Koi, are swimmin, the chipmunks are just havin a good ol' time, and the plants are a growin.  Yup that's right, it's spring-time and time for the annual Collingswood Proud Neighbors Porch Brunch, House, and Garden Tour.  My Garden, Ferret Hollow Gardens is on the tour this year.  It's full of native and ornamental plant species, many of which support the native wildlife especially pollenators.  It is always a lot of fun to meet all of the hundreds of people that come through and a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Come on over to Ferret Hollow and see the gardens in full swing.  The perennials are a few weeks early this year as with most other plants this year - the warm winter.  There will be a few surprises in the garden.   I'll have a lot of information for interested people/gardeners so just ask.  Keep your eye out for the Queen Chipmunk of Ferret Hollow - Emma - who lives behind the waterfall and for the others, Stella, Mina, and Lena.  Stella and Mina are showing signs of having pups and eating a lot.  Lena, new last year, just started to eat out of my hands today - finally. Stella and Emma have been doing it for a few years.
The tour is on Sunday, May 20. Porch Brunch at 11am and the House and Garden tour at 12 noon till 5:30 pm.  Ferret Hollow Gardens will be open at 11am

Call or email me, Stephen Coan, if you should have any questions.

For more information click here: Collingswood Porch Brunch, House, and Garden TourStop on by and mention that you read about the tour on my blog.

Ferret Hollow Gardens is located in Collingswood, NJ. For information: Ferret Hollow Garden Tours.

Tours are available throughout the year by appointment only.

Update:  Wednesday Morning, May 16.

Well folks, we survived the thunder storms and heavy rains of last night. The garden will be that much fuller come Sunday. One word about finding Ferret Hollow Gardens - It seems that Google Maps and Google Places has screwed up and have deleted the listing for Ferret Hollow - very frustrating I must say - some kind of double entry for two different places, so instead of fixing it they just deleted it. If you need directions you can still go to google maps but you have to put in the address instead of the name: 131 Lawnside Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108

In researching the problem I found that the deletion or mixing is a common problem but Google is poorly set up to correct the issues and can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to correct the problems. This leaves companies and places without their listings on Google which could be a major problem for business.
I'd appreciate it if people would go onto Google Places and recommend/share Ferret Hollow Gardens.  It might help resolve the issue and put the Garden back on the Map. Thanks. S
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