December 6th, 2012

Toad Lilies - a late season bloomer

Still Blooming as of 12/5/2012 - Tricyrtis formosana

Toad Lilies make a great, late-season, blooming landscape design plant choice.

This group of perennial plants, genus Tricyrtis, produces a very long season of blooming, starting in the late summer, that can last into December depending on species, form, variety, or cultivar. 

It produces many small, orchid-like flowers, either along the entire stem or at the end of the stem, and can have either solid or variegated leaves, again depending upon the type in green, white, or yellow/chartreuse.
As a landscape designer, this is my favorite perennial shade plant. They can take some sun, but usually not full sun, and do quite well in open shade. I have many different types and am always on the lookout for new or unusual ones.
They are best planted near a walkway, patio, or, for the smaller ones, in a container to better see and appreciate the details of the small flowers. As of December 5, 2012, I have three different Toads that are still blooming. Most have already finished for the season.

Zones: 4-9
Light requirements: part sun, shade
Soil: moist fertile soil
Sizes: varies from 6" to 4' tall; some can spread out into a 3' wide patch over time.
Found in: better garden centers and nurseries.

T. 'White Towers'

T. sinonome

T. 'Samurai' a variegated cultivar with yellow edges on the leaves.

T. hirta

I believe that this is a variegated leaf variety of T. formosana

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