June 23rd, 2010

Wren's flew the coop

On Sunday morning my beloved wrens that grew up in the bird house over my pond left the nest.  But before they did they said goodbye.  The three young ones and their parents all flew down and lined up on the portion of my fence closest to me and just looked at me for a little while to say what I would like to beleive was thank you.  They then flew off one at a time and haven't been seen since.  It's moments like this that make all of the work worthwhile. This is the fourth year in a row that they have been nesting in the different bird houses in my yard.  Wrens are tiny birds that like the smallest opening in their houses to rear their young, a 1.25" opening.  They are great insect hunters and are great for keeping those annoying mosquitos at bay. If interested look for simple houses with the 1.25 opening that are made specifically for wrens. It is too small of an opening for most other birds in this area.  It protects them from preditory birds and the stalking cats in the neighborhood.  They were well used to me being around in the yard and would come right up to me as long as I didn't move too much as they were hunting for insects to feed their young.  They have a very distinctive call.

On June 6th I posted the following on my Facebook page:

A perfect morning. The Dead playing, Koi swimmin', Red-Bellied Woodpecker tapping a tune, Juvie-jays being fed, Cat birds guarding the wren nest who were out chasing squirrels, Chipmunks were scurrying, Baby Bunnies were hiding, Cardinals were gliding and the Robins were taking a bidet in my fountain shakin' their butts.

The wrens will be missed until next year.

The photo was found online.  Photographer unknown.

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