December 11th, 2012

Spring Bulb Planting Time

Tulip Beds at Longwood Gardens - Spring 2012

In case you haven't done so already, now is the time to plant those spring flowering bulbs.

The best time is usually after Thanksgiving when the soil temperature is at or below 45º. In doing so, the newly planted bulb will not put any of its stored energy into producing any green foliage, but instead will only produce some roots if it chooses to start to grow while the temperatures aren't too low.
If bulbs are planted sooner while the soil temperature is warmer, they have a strong chance of using some of their precious stored energy producing some foliage that will die off from the cold temperatures before there is enough time to produce flowers for reproduction.

Then, in the spring, when the temp rises and it begins to grow, there is that much less stored energy for the bulb to produce its roots, foliage, and flower, which can result in a smaller or a less healthy plant that growing season.

Please read the instructions as to the proper planting depth for your type of bulb and don't forget to use some of that good compost that you made this year.

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A peony-like Tulip at Ferret Hollow Gardens - Spring 2012

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