February 8th, 2012

The Patch Blog

Earlier this year I started to blog for the "Patch" website in eight towns covering all of South Jersey.  Here is the first one: Patch

I look forward to having the Ferret Hollow Gardens Blog added to the Patch.  I'll be adding posts regarding garden, green and sustainable practices, and environmental issues, ideas, information, questions, and answers.  Please feel free to ask gardening questions and I'll do my best to answer. I'll link this to my other blog when the address is updated in a couple of weeks.  For the time being you can reach it at: The Ferret Hollow Gardens - The Blog

To start off with here are a few ideas.

1.  Due to the warm winter season many plants are already starting to wake up and grow.  It's time to cut down your Liriope and other perennials before the new shoots emerge.

2. Consider going totally green this year.  Instead of chemical fertilizers try using compost tea, leaf mold/mulch, compost, worm castings and other Natural soil ammendments.  This would also go for turf grass lawns.  More at a later date.

3. Start sewing seeds indoors by the end of the month for a jump start in the spring.

4. Prune your shrubs and trees that bloom on new growth this year.  Wait until after blooming for shrubs and trees that bloom on last year's bud set.

5. Feed your local wildlife.  This is the hard part of the winter when fresh food sources are scarce.  I put out bird food and wildlife food mixed with berries-grapes and cherries.  A good suet is also appreciated by the birds that don't eat seed. 

I have also included a photo of Emma, the Queen Chipmunk of Ferret Hollow Gardens taken last year in August.  She is a bit chunky - pregnant.  Check out my blog for other images and videos of her, Stella, and the other chipmunks, Fauna, and Flora.

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